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Published on September 22nd, 2017 | by MH Preschool AY 2017/18


Note from Ms. Amy’s Desk

Term 1/Wk 5

A BIG THANK YOU for all parents from the Nursery grade level who made an effort to be here with us for the Class Picnic. Your presence has been a great confidence booster to your child/children and helped them see school as an extension of the home environment ~ A Home Away From Home!

It has been a busy past five weeks for not only our young learners and the Preschool team as we start to gear up and go full steam ahead! Many parents observed a number of changes in their children as they settle into the school routine; encouraging ones such as independence, language ability, sharing and caring towards others. However, we also have parents who have approached us over some practical and genuine concerns. I will be using the weekly message as well as during my monthly “Tea with Ms Amy” session scheduled on every 3rd Friday of each month, 2.30-3.15pm (the next session will be on 20 October 2017) to share some tips on how we work on these concerns together as partners.



Why is my child so hungry upon arriving at home after school?

Is the school not providing enough food for my child?



These are real genuine questions many parents have and we are more than happy to shade some light on the “mystery” of these hungry little ones~ J

Possible Cause

1.    Our young learners are encouraged to feed themselves to promote independency as compared to being feed by the adults in the home environment. Thus, they might end up “feeding” part of their meal to the table/floor; give them the opportunity to practice feeding themselves and they will achieve mastery level in ensuring their all their meals end up in their tummy.


2.   The meals served in school are carefully planned by our team of chefs to ensure they are nutritious and well balanced. The meals are milder in flavour as compared to outside food which caters predominately to the taste buds of adults. Children are not only provided their preferred food but are encouraged to try food that are of different flavour and textures.


3.   The amounts of activities (both physical and cognitive) are much higher in the school routine as compared to the home environment. Thus, it is no surprise that they will need more “fuel” to keep up to the energy required as they explore and discover the world around them.


4.   Children of preschool-age are growing consistently and this is a time where they will experience a lot of their developmental milestones. It is an important period for us to help them develop proper and healthy eating habits as well as to make wise choices of the various foods available.


What can I as a parent do to help?

1.    You may want to consider providing a healthy snack box for your child to munch on during his/her homebound bus ride at the end of the school day.


2.   Avoid feeding your child with carbo-loaded/sweet snacks or treats upon arrival at home when your child indicates he/she is hungry; provide them with healthier choices such as a small glass of milk, (frozen) fruit cubes or fruit kebab instead. It is important to have and keep to fixed mealtime to promote a healthy digestive system in our little ones.

切忌零食待,定定量吃晚餐才是最佳做法,适当孩子加点水果或牛奶。 注意少吃高脂肪,高糖分,不易消化的食物。

3.   Provide opportunities to promote independency during mealtimes by having our young learners feed themselves and gradually rope them in to help to set up the table, prepare the meal and serve the adults at the table as they move along to the kindergarten age.


I am sure with consistency, encouragement and opportunities given, we will be able to turn this “hungry problem” into a positive, pleasant and self-discovery learning experience for all our young learners.


1.    Parents are to log on to http://powerschool.ssis.asia to create an account on the Parent Portal IMMEDIATELY if you have not done so. Please DO NOT leave any fields/information empty; put “N.A.” if not applicable.

Technical support is available via email pstech@ssis.asia

2.   Please provide a light jacket to be kept in your child/children’s cubby/school bag to layer on top of their uniform when necessary; it will be preferred if you can provide your child with a themoflask to keep their drinking water warm as the cold weather sets in.

3.   Mid-Autumn celebration will take place next week on Friday, 29 September 2017. Please send in your recycled material homemade lantern not later than Monday, 25 September 2017.

4.   School will be closed 2-6 October due to the China National Day holiday; lesson will resume on Monday, 9 October 2017.

5.   Our Preschool annual SUPER FAMILY DAY will be taking place on Saturday, 28 October 2017. Do mark your calendar and look out for more details that will be sent out to you via your child’s respective Form Teachers.

The LOST & FOUND area in the PSG Lounge is becoming very cluttered with unclaimed belongings. We are looking to spruce up the space so that it becomes safer for our students and more welcoming for our families. Please take this week (25 – 29 September)  to claim any lost items because we will disposing all of them during the upcoming holiday week.

Your partner in your child’s early education journey~

Ms Amy and Preschool Team

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