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Published on September 8th, 2017 | by MH Preschool AY 2017/18


A Note from Ms. Amy’s Desk

Term 1/Wk 3

As part of our campus safety process, Fire Evacuation is an important routine that every member in the school community needs to be aware of. During our assembly this week, our young learners learnt what to do should a fire break out on the school grounds. They heard how the fire evacuation siren sounds like and were briefed through the process on how to evacuate safely to our designated assembly point.

Below are the instructions that have been taught and given to our students during a Fire Evacuation Drill ~


STOP  LOOK  LISTEN (to the teachers)

(Evacuate the classroom) QUIETLY  QUICKLY  CALMLY

We will be conducting the Fire Evacuation Drill sometime next week (11-15 September 2017), please do not be alarmed if your child should come home and tell you of the fire alarm and the evacuation drill. It will be helpful if you can have your child/children recall and share with you the process of the Fire Evacuation Drill as a form of reinforcement at home.


  1. Please inform your child’s Form Teacher well in advance should you need to make changes to your child’s dismissal/pick-up arrangement.
  2. Please ensure your child comes in their uniform each day. If you need any clarification regarding uniform matters you may refer to Pg 23 in your child’s Communication Book or contact your child’s/children’s Form Teacher.
  3. Parents are to log on to http://powerschool.ssis.asia to create an account on the Parent Portal IMMEDIATELY if you have not done so. It is important to keep the school up to date of your family’s information through the PowerSchool Parent Portal.  If your child’s information is incomplete or inaccurate, he/she may not be able to register for future school activities and excursions.  Please remember to update important data such as your child’s Passport, Medical and Emergency Contact details via the “Demographic Change” section of your PowerSchool Parent Portal account.  A notice has been sent home for you to sign and acknowledge that all information the school has on file from the system is accurate and complete. Please be reminded to update your personal information on the Parent Portal as and when necessary. Technical support is available via email pstech@ssis.asia
  4. The Fire Evacuation Drill will be conducted sometime next week (11-15 September 2017).
  5. “Tea with Ms Amy” session will be scheduled on Friday, 15 September 2017 between 2.30pm to 3.15pm.

Do remember to put on a light jacket while heading out for school in the morning as the cool autumn breeze sets in. Have a lovely and restful weekend ahead!

Your partner in your child’s early education journey~
Ms Amy and Preschool Team

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