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Published on September 8th, 2017 | by MH Preschool AY 2017/18


It’s Never Too Early to Read to Your Child

Why Reading Matters

It is well documented that reading is beneficial throughout a child’s many stages of development. Reading builds character, imagination, creativity and a love for learning. As your child grows, the effects of early literacy will impact the way he thinks, learns and sees the world. Fluency in reading will be an invaluable part of procuring skills not only in language arts but science, math, social studies and countless other subjects. Below are some tips for getting started reading!

Even newborns benefit from being read to. And it’s easy! You can read virtually anything to a newborn and they will benefit from the sounds and expressions you bring to the reading. Read aloud and read every day to your child. The language has to be live, in person and directed at the child.

For toddlers, baby books are a great way for little ones to explore print. Many board books do a great job of bringing textures, colors and sounds to letters and pictures bringing them to life! When you read with toddlers, they take it all in: vocabulary and language structure, numbers and math concepts, colors, shapes, animals, opposites, manners and all kinds of useful information about how the world works. Read, read, read! Introduce your own taste in books but respect your child’s tastes as well. Interruptions are okay this means your child is engaging.

You can help your emerging reader by continuing to read with them every day. You don’t need to give them the reigns completely, still read and talk to the child about the books you are reading. And don’t worry if you feel that your child is not reading independently yet, late readers often grow up to be better, more enthusiastic readers. Don’t make reading work. Reading at home should be fun and full of curiosity. Also, check in with your child’s teacher about their progress and for useful tips.

There’s nothing like your child bringing you a book and expressing an interest in the letters and the words in it… they want to read! This will happen at different ages for different children, so don’t rush it, just keep reading, you’re doing great!

Marie Tang
Literacy Teacher SSIS Minhang Preschool

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