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Published on March 24th, 2017 | by SSIS XuHui


Message from the Principal, Term 2 Week 13


Dear Parents and Caregivers,


We have come to the end of Term 2. Over these few weeks, you may have noticed that your child has developed and grown in areas that have surprised you. One of the development you may have noticed is your child’s social development.


Through the projects that the children were engaged in – the Nursery classes sending the afternoon snacks to the other classes, the K1 serving customers in their supermarkets and the K2 classes producing a movie and puppet shows for the primary school students, the children have learned a lot about interpersonal relationship.


In this era where technology is so much part of our lives, many children tend to spend a lot of time and energy on screen media, missing out many opportunities on  the development of interpersonal relationship .


While working on projects, our preschool children experienced with more complex communication – they discussed, they negotiated, they bargained, they explained … As they worked with their peers, they learned to respect others, they listened, they took turns. When they met with problems or faced with obstacles, they began to help one another, support one another, and collaborate with one another. All these experiences have contributed to the surge in your child’s social development.


As we celebrate the children’s development, we must not forget that we, the adults (parents and teachers) are the children’s best models. They need our guidance to continue to flourish in this area of development.


A reminder to parents, the online re-registration continues. Do re-register early to avoid disappointments.


Upcoming Holiday:

3rd – 4th April 2017 Tomb Sweeping Day Holiday

5th April 2017           School resumes


Yours sincerely,
Julie Loo


XuHui Campus


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