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Published on March 14th, 2017 | by SSIS XuHui


The opening of K1’s Supermarkets

In anticipation of the opening of their supermarkets, the K1 students did a little bit of marketing and promotion for “Sky Supermarket”, “Flying Supermarket” and “Star Supermarket”. Armed with homemade flyers and their voices, the students promoted their supermarkets by singing and describing to the Primary School students and teachers at the canteen about what they would be selling at their supermarkets. They then distributed their flyers to the teachers and the big boys and girls.

To get ready for the opening day, the students discussed and assigned specific jobs for themselves and their friends. They also went through their job roles by practicing with one another before the big day. In order to keep their cakes and cookies fresh, the students did some last minute baking on Wednesday and Thursday. They painstakingly packed and tagged all their cakes and cookies by Thursday afternoon and made sure that everything was in place before calling it a day.

On Friday, all the K1 students took their position before their first customer arrived. Every one of them took his/her job seriously. Needless to say, the supermarkets were a roaring success with the Primary School teachers and students flocking to all three supermarkets during playtime. By the end of it, almost everything was sold out! Kudos to our K1 students for all the hard work!


K1A 1 K1A 2

K1A 3 K1P 1

K1P 3 K1P2

K1R 1 K1R 2

K1R 3 IMG_3626


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