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Published on March 6th, 2017 | by SSIS XuHui


K1’s Supermarkets are opening soon at Xuhui Campus …

It was another busy week of preparation for the K1 classes. They will be opening their supermarket on Friday (10 Mar) and are going to invite the big boys and girls from the primary classes, as well as the teachers, to visit them.


K1 Ruby chose the name “Flying Supermarket” for their store. K1 Amber named theirs “Star Supermarket” while K1 Pearl decided on the name “Sky Supermarket”.


The next part of the preparation was to plan and set prices for the items that are to be on sale in each of the stores. For the food and drinks items, every class had to try out the recipes first. All three classes attempted at baking and creating drinks that is uniquely theirs. To ensure their drinks would be good, the children had to try out different versions of the recipes. Then they invited the other teachers and to be their drinks taster and vote for the version they preferred. From the votes, the students then decided on the version of the drinks to be sold at their store.


The preparation part is not over yet. There’s more to be done. They had to make flyers and posters to attract customers to their store. Some of them even came up with their own promotional jingle! The next big thing for the students is to decide what job role each of them would play on the big day. Busy, busy, busy….


2017-03-02_10-21-19 K1 IMG_6972

IMG_6986 IMG_8620 K1

K1 K1A 1

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