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The K1 classes have embarked on a new theme, which is the Supermarket.  To help children understand the operation of a supermarket, the 3 K1 classes will be running a supermarket in school.  Before embarking on this project, the children need to understand the concept of a supermarket and its function.


A series of activities were planned. Firstly the children had to apply their knowledge to their project. They had to relate their personal experiences at the supermarket and make a list of items they could purchase. Then they were also shown pictures of the various departments available and how the items were being displayed on the shelves.   After learning that items are classified and categorized according to its type, the children were asked to draw 4  items that they could purchase and pasted these pictures under the correct departments such as Vegetable Department, Frozen Food Department, Toiletry Department,  Bakery Department etc.  To add more to the list, the children also cut out additional pictures from supermarket flyers and pasted them under the various departments.


After they had classified and categorized the items, the children needed to decide which departments they wanted to include in their supermarket.  Therefore the next activity was to conduct a survey with the teachers and primary students to analysis the ‘market needs’. And from the survey, the children did an analysis and concluded that they should have the following departments in their supermarket to meet the ‘market needs’: –


  • Drinks Department
  • Bakery Department
  • Snack Department
  • Toiletry Department
  • Stationery Department


More activities will be carried out. Look out for our report on this project.


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