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Published on March 22nd, 2016 | by SSIS XuHui


K1 Classroom Activities


K1 Ruby decided to sell ice cream in their Rainbow Café. Ingredients were prepared, and they went through, step by step, to turn the raw materials into the finished product. The children were amazed to see the change of the ingredients under the mixer and after the mixture had been placed in the fridge for one day.

K1 Amber preferred selling cookies in their Island Restaurant. They tasted some cookies and liked them very much. Hence they asked for that recipe from the principal. Working in two groups, the class followed the instructions on the recipe to make their own chocolate chips cookies.

K1 Pearl has decided to make bread and strawberry jam to put on the menu of their Pearl Restaurant. They brought in strawberries to make jam. They picked the leaves and stalk, washed them, mashed them and cooked them. The jam was then spooned into jars for storage.

This integrated activity provided the opportunity for the children to gain new science, language, and math skills. Basic math skills and sequencing skills were strengthened. They learned to refer to the recipe and follow the instructions. Reading skill was also reinforced. The finished product was the best reward for the young chefs.

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