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Published on March 18th, 2016 | by MH Preschool 2016/17


Tips for Student Led Conference.

Our Student Led Conference (SLC) is a time for your child to share their learning with you and it will be taking place on Saturday, 26 March 2016.
More information can be found in the SLC hand-out in your child’s communication folder. The K2 children are enthused, excited and looking forward to walking through their learning process together with you.
Here are some ABC tips for the up-coming conference that would come in helpful.

  • Anticipate.
    Talk to your child about SLC before coming down for the conference. Ask your child to tell you what they have done and prepared in school to display for the conference. When mommy and daddy are interested, it always makes learning fun.
  • Be positive.
    Positive words do wonders to the soul. Children need to hear your praise and it means a lot to them, too! Whether it is before, during or after the SLC, your positivity will encourage your child to shine.
  • Check.
    Bring along a pen for the conference so that you can check off the activity stations that you have visited.
  • Discuss.
    As your children walk-through the different exhibits of work on display, engage with your child and talk about what he/she has learnt for the term. Ask questions and allow discussion.
  • Encourage!
    At the end of the conference, write a parent and child reflection that will boost your child’s confidence in learning and encourage him/ her to keep progressing!


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